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Certified & safe asbestos removal services in Cape Town & surrounding suburbs

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Exposure to asbestos is a serious health & safety risk - if you have an older home or factory, 

asbestos may be present in building materials, roof sheeting, ceilings or insulation & should be removed


Asbestos Site Evaluations

An asbestos site evaluation by a qualified asbestos inspector can identify potential asbestos risks within your home, office or factory.

Seamless Aluminium Gutters


Asbestos Removals

Our team of asbestos professionals have the experience, industry recognition & practical background to handle asbestos removal projects of any size.


Asbestos Disposals

After safely removing the asbestos, the waste is disposed of quickly at approved local authority refuse sites.

Full Service Residential, Commercial & Industrial Capabilities

Here are some of our recent asbestos removal projects in and around Cape Town:

Commercial Asbestos Removal 


Residential Asbestos Removal 


Industrial Asbestos Site Evaluation


Residential Asbestos Removal


Customer Testimonials

" Helderberg Asbestos Removals provided me with a fast asbestos site survey and safely removed and disposed of the asbestos in my roof. I would highly recommend them.''

" I have made use of Marco & his team on a variety of projects & they always deliver high-quality workmanship. I'll be using their asbestos removal services for years to come. ''

Debbie Gibbs

Denis Rademan



Why Remove Asbestos?

Before its dangers were made known, asbestos was used extensively as an insulating material & strengthening agent in building products. 

Asbestos is now strictly regulated as exposure to this toxic mineral can now be directly and scientifically linked to a number of lung and respiratory conditions including mesothelioma.

Today, asbestos is classified as a known human carcinogen. As asbestos fibres are typically quite rigid, they become lodged in the soft internal tissue of the respiratory system and are not easily expelled or broken down by the body.

Why Choose HelderbergAsbestos Removals?

A Division Of Helderberg Aluminum Gutters

Our highly skilled in-house team uses the most advanced techniques to provide you with quality service & sound technical knowledge in hazardous waste management.

Registered Asbestos Contractor

Safe Asbestos Removals

Competitive Pricing

Safe Asbestos Removals

Fully Insured

Safe Asbestos Removals

Constant Site Supervision

Safe Asbestos Removals

Health & Safety Compliant 

Safe Asbestos Removals

BEE Compliant

Safe Asbestos Removals

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